Sep 12, 2010

Meera Scandals | Pakistani Actress Meera Marriage Scandal News Videos Pictures Updates


All friends meera Are so familiar with. meera Pakistan has played a car. Most Pakistani films are bold. Recently in miss meera Yes India's film industry has also come to work. meera According to them is not married yet. But traders of Faisalabad She,s His wife claimed to be newspapers and the Internet nowadays. Pakistani actress meera The same scam is running away.

First we show you this video which Pakistani actress meera her defense statement to the media are. And are telling the context of scandal. So, look carefully at the video.

Meera Interview About Marriage Scandal 


Well then this video actress meera asked a servant to you that your wife's wedding photos and sbbut on the tower is also showing meera Are answered on this topic I want to talk then he said no and he will say tomorrow meera If my wife would have you believe. When it's nothing. When will I marry will do so on Drum injury and will address the whole world today She Is married. And She is further troubled by all this rubbish is going. And of all dramas of Faisal Saif's relationship with India which aurabhy give something back to India's own film work. And even as he has all Children are made. And I paid the car and I'll keep your own business and have done the same in India also.


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