Sep 12, 2010

Shakira Scandal | Shakira Sex Tape




Shakira Sex Tape, Scandal Video: How does that song go Shakira, those hips do not lie "? Well hope this article on AOL is not lying, when Shakira reports that a sex tape involves two men and Shakira, Alejandro Sanz and Antonio de la Rua, making dirty act aboard a yacht may be in existence, and that it could be in the hands of prosecutors. Why? Apparently because two employees of Sanz was arrested simply for trying to extort money from the trio, using an alleged Shakira sex tape between them as a lever. Their excuse for trying to extort money? Sanz was making them work too hard. Wow. Really? It should be noted that all parties involved have denied the existence of the Shakira sex Tape Scandal, but again, is not it always?


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